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Make your childs birthday party a lifetime memory!

Toby is ready to do just that.

Pirate Party


Yo ho ho and away we go!

As the leader of this small band of pirate friends, Capt KID is ready to bring the most adventurous pirate entertainment to your home or event. He will love to share the lively tales of his encounters with the infamous Kracken along with his pirate crew. From amazing treasures, fun pirate ships and beautiful mermaid friends, he can't help but share all the fun with his new birthday party friends.

He'll shout, 'Yo Ho, lets go!' and they'll be off to the next party element including games, prizes and balloons! This lovable and entertaining pirate will win the hearts of all the children and leave everyone with lasting memories! This adventurous pirate and his friends will bring so much fun to your  Pirates birthday party.

Wizard Party

Wonderful wizardry right to your own backyard. Your little apprentices will watch the magic unfold as their new favorite wizard performs a lively wand/spell casting bout that ends in the celebrated child becomeing an apprentice wizrd and performs thier owm magical marvels.

This wizard will make your birthday child the star little wizard in training of the day as they open the children’s imaginations to the world of magic and spells.


Pirate Party Packges

Pirate Show

Pirate Show and Balloons

Pirate Games

Pirate Show, Balloon and Games

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