Custom Created Characters Just for YOU


Aargh.... invite Capt KID aboard for a sea of laughs.

Professional Mascot for more than 40 years

Have you ever thought how great it would be to have your very own character? 

Let Toby KID help you make that vision a reality. 

KID has created characters, programs, and customized original props for McDonald's Corp, Coca-Cola, the State of North Dakota, and others.

Choose this Master Clown's creativity to make you, your event, and your company stand out with its own brand of unique originality. 

Toby plays Iowa's Largest Leprechaun for Irish Fest, wearing a too-small pair of green pants, jacket, and vest.

For the Cross Builders, Toby designed and made a complete Roman Centurion. He's headed up the robbery and ensuing gunfight show for Gov. T. Branstad and Sen. C. Grassley.

Toby created Doc Diluvian, a strolling snake oil salesman Mountebank invited to

rendezvous across the Midwest. 

What else?  A Giant Teddy Bear, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny,

Chaznard the Unexplainable Wizard, Juggling Jester are a few of Toby character

creations for clients.

We enjoy creating, expanding, and learning and would love an opportunity to help 

express your event's festive flare.

Toby wrote, staged, and carried out a robbery of the Boone Scenic Railroad.

The ensuing pun-loaded gunfight show received high praise from victims Gov. T. Branstad, Sen. C. Grassley, and 3 dining cars of guests 


It's What's on the
Inside That Counts!

More than a furry suit, Toby brings the Easter Bunny to life for thousands of children each year.

Santa Toby is a cast member of the

Story Book Experience in New York, New York.
Appearing (almost) daily from September through Christmas annually.

Teaching and mentoring are part of Toby performing philosophy.
Be it as a headliner at national clown conventions or sharing his humorous occupation at a luncheon of business people, Toby has unlimited passion for his art .