An elimination show of aquatic antics. The entire audience (any age) gets a chance to play.
As possible players get wetter, the hydro hilarity increases. 

We saw all 3 shows. My grandson was in one. It was great fun and a memory he nor I will soon forget.

Gary Pearson


Toby you're so funny. How do you pick people? Everyone was perfect for what you had them do.

Paula Scott

Let the fun rain on your event!

fairs, city festivals, events at the park

family events, field days, 

open house, corporate retreats,

back to school or end of school,

County fairs and more

SpongeBomb WetPants

Hands Solo
Hydro line

Holey Bucket Brigade


Wet Head

Colander Catch

Poseidon Says

Float a Boat

fire bucket brigade

water cannon targets

So funny you'll wet your pants
H2O so funny

Why this show is a perfect fit for your event!

This is an elimination game show.

The entire audience gets to play. 

All ages play and compete equally

Host multiple shows for the same crowd

Every show is different because competitors are different 

Multi show day bonus!

The winner of each show will have a GRAND CHALLENGE at the end of the last schedule show of the day

Outdoor show

or in a water friendly arena/barn

Fully self-contained

except for water, seating, and oh yeah, the crowd

Properly & Fully Insured

It's as fun at 11 PM with an all adult crowd as it is at 11 AM with an all kids crowd.

additional information

Multiple show pricing

Multiple day pricing

up to 4 shows a day

The Stage (coach)

Complete with sound!

Sets up anywhere.

 7' x 17'

fold out stage

Available for

other acts to use

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear. . .
With his faithful companion Humor, the daring and resourceful bearded rider of the plains leads the fight for laughs and giggles for you in these United States. Nowhere in the pages of history can one find a greater champion of fun! From out of the west with the sound of laughter and a fiery stick horse with the speed of a river, a cloud of mist, and a hearty Hi-Yo Saliva!!! its . . .  Toby KID Klauenberg!