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Charitable Request

Toby KID Klauenberg, his family and the FUNNY FARM presents regularly receive a request for donations and/or appearances at fundraising and charity events. We are strong believers in charitable deeds, works, and donations. Our mission statement To make people happier is parallel by most charitable organizations.

As a family and business, we already serve multiple organizations with ongoing financial support and donation of our time. We also believe that our giving is private. We do not gift so that we can brag.

If you would like donations of the time, money, and or services of Toby KID Klauenberg, his family and the FUNNY FARM presents, we are eager and hopeful that we can assist. 

Please include in your request;

- 501c status (you do not have to be a 501C to receive support from us)

- Event day, date & time

- Schedule of events

- Mission of your event

Please submit your request for review by mail
Include any publications and/or material about  your event and charity

the FUNNY FARM presents

966 H Ave.

Ogden, IA 50212

Your request for support will be addressed at our next quarterly meeting.

Quarterly meetings are scheduled on the first business day following:

     - January 3

     - April 1

     - July 8

     - October 2

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