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Years of experience and Toby's long list of repeat clients offers you confidence in booking his shows. 

Toby will create a unique and memorable educational event your students will long remember. 

We strive to make your entire process as stress-free as possible.  From arranging a program to hosting a show, it is our goal to make you exceptionally pleased with the entire experience. 

Toby presents very ENTERTAINING and IMPACTFUL assemblies with a POSITIVE MESSAGE that will leave a lasting impression on your students! We've had him at our school twice, and I would definitely have him back again. From an administrative standpoint, Toby's programs are an absolute TURN-KEY experience...Toby brings his own sound system, extension cords, sets, props, etc...he sets everything up himself and puts on a great show. All you need to do is bring your kids to the gym, lunchroom, or auditorium Toby takes care of the rest. Toby comes from an education background and does a great job relating to audiences of all ages. I highly recommend him!
David Hill, Superintendent
North Tama & Gladbrook-Reinbeck School Districts

We can supply you with hundreds of testimonials from administrators, teachers, parents and students about the positive impact Toby's educational school shows have on students, schools and communities.


But seeing is believing. In this clip you see the high standards Toby puts into his shows. The same standards he expects from and is returned to him by his audience. Watch a gym full of students play fair, share and care during Toby’s show Fair or Foul. In the most extreme excitable environment, you see the children practice what Toby’s been teaching.

Toby was wonderful.  He had a wonderful message that was not over done and the students got it.  He used humor in a timely manner.  Recommend Toby KID to any elementary school.

George Bruder

Taft Elementary

Humbolt, Iowa

February 27, 2017

The students loved it! Toby gave a message about handling bullying that was in line with what we teach our students. Toby's message was presented very clearly and in a fun way to remember​.

Andrea Wright

Stewart Elementary

Yankton, South Dakota

March 22, 2017


Toby is 5 stars. *****

Everyone LOVED the show.  Many have said Toby is the highlight of the year. Thank you so much for being willing to be a part of our school

Megan Hicks

LSI Iowa

Ames, Iowa

June 18, 2016

An AMAZING show from


at an AMAZING price.

Ginny Lang, President

Lincoln PTA

Toby's show was educational and entertaining. It was inviting to all the students at our school. The message was so positive and reinforced the important value that each of us is unique and special. Toby did an excellent job...we always appreciate the GREAT job he does!

Principal, Webster Elementary

Students always enjoy Toby's show. He is cheerful and funny. They especially like it when he brings up student volunteers. The ideas shared about how to handle bullies were good ones that reinforce what we teach.

Principal, Grundy Elementary


As I watched the show with our students, many of them turned to me (Elem. Counselor) and looked at me when the performer reinforced what I had been teaching in classroom guidance. I have heard students refer to his advice on how to handle bullies in the hallway. His presentation fits into our Bully Prevention curriculum perfectly. I appreciated Toby including students in his show. That meant the world to one of our students to be the "star". Thank you for sharing this with our students.

Elementary Counselor Greene Elementary

Toby KID Klauenberg has a great way of entertaining and teaching at the same time. We would love to have him back again soon. The NHE students loved the show!

Principal, New Harris Elementary


This was a highly entertaining and informative show. Students were engaged; even our 6th graders who initially thought it was "not cool". As an educator, I fully understand that bullying will never be eradicated. We need to arm our students with the skills to be able to deal with a bully. This show really reinforced those concepts. I am very grateful for the opportunity for our students to hear this positive message about a difficult subject. Thank you and Bravo to our presenter.

Principal, St. Joseph School


The students really loved the show. They had a great time interacting with Toby. All the students who were chosen to assist were new to our school, so that really made them feel special. Thanks!

Principal, Immanuel Lutheran School

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