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Toby KID Klauenberg offers different shows!

We will not have Toby back next year. He'll be back next month! We booked his family show.

James Hadigan, Mgr

Hormel Foods

In or out of make up, Toby KID Klauenberg is a very very funny guy!         Kate Small TriCounty Fair

Toby also offers Educational School Shows,  Reading Promoting Library Shows, Juggling & Magic Shows, Birthday Parties, etc.


Invite Toby to make this year's B&G the most memorable event!
Comedy wrapped around magic.

A show parents laugh along with to. 

This show

- is fully self-contained (Including sound & set)

- runs 40 minutes 

- allows pictures and videos

- scouts participate on stage and from their seats

Toby is an Eagle Schout (1976).



Bamboozling Balloon Show - as many laughs as balloon twisting

The Kid-Silly Show - giggling antics with silly skills (geared towards younger crowds)

Wizardly Wonders- mystical magic and loads of laughs with one of the audience becoming a wizard and another a fairy

Family Comedy Concert - A perfect fit for family-oriented events as every age laughs in this show. A masterful mix of comedy, magic, and fun that spreads across every age. 

Rock the Dinosaur - paleontology journey of historic proportions

Be a Buccaneer - A pirating adventure as Capt KID leads the new crew on a magical and hysterical treasure hunt with full audience participation throughout the show. There is even a flea circus!

Master and Padawan - the assembled Padawans experience Force-sensitive entertainment as Master Jedi Ka-Toby offers an introductive class to the Jedi Order.

     “Pass on what you have learned.” – Yoda

Absolutely everyone was involved in the show. Toby came right out into the audience to ensure that every person was having fun.

Cuba Kansas Rock-A-Thon

He's so silly, fun, and wild to watch

Susan Harding  Mom of 6

Toby KID is innovative!

He performs classic routines, unique comedy, & original gags. 

Kathryn O'Dell, Director

International Clown

Hall of Fame

& Research Center

I can't Imagine a better show for our Family Knight! More than 500 kids, teens, adults, AND ME were eating up the variety of funny Toby served.

Fr. B.Braun

Holy Family Church 

Toby made it the best

Manager's Meeting EVER!

Jane Tribble, McDonalds

We have lots of good entertainment at our company functions. Not only was Toby one of the best acts we've had, but when he jumped in to help with the drawings. He gave us                                                 another 30                                                 minute show                                              that made our                                          manager laugh                                        so hard he                                                  choked.

Toby KID KLauenberg

has performed on stage with more than 15 top #1 recording artists including;

BB King

March Chestnut

the Fox Brothers

Patty Loveless

Holly Dunn


LeRoy Van Dyke

Michael Martin Murphey

The Crickets

and more

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